Discover Saona Island: a heavenly little island located about 30 minutes by boat from Punta Cana

Published on : 17 June 20223 min reading time

Take the boat and sail from Punta Cana to discover the famous Saona Island. About 30 minutes away is this pearl of the Caribbean, discover a haven of protected areas, rare animal species, and exceptional beaches.

The Dominican Republic, a breathtaking nature destination

The Dominican Republic is an integral part of the Greater Antilles archipelago. This destination is bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Caribbean Sea. About 70% of the territory is dominated by white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, coconut trees, majestic mountains, including Pico Duarte as well as hills. Tourists also love the Dominican Republic for its all-inclusive hotels that ensure the comfort of travelers. The magnificent landscapes that make up the place are invaded by lush nature. With exceptional biodiversity, the Dominican Republic offers 7 natural reserves, more than 15 national parks, and about thirty scientific reserves. Some vestiges trace the history of the island.

Saona Island, one of the protected areas of the Caribbean

Saona Island is one of the reasons why tourists love the Dominican Republic. This pearl is located within the Parque Natural del Este. The generous nature of the territory makes its reputation, but wait until you see its exceptional wildlife. The island is home to aquatic animals, including manatees and dolphins. You can also see a wide range of endemic and rare birds that can be seen in the protected areas. The clear waters reveal unique marine life that you will not soon forget. More than 170 marine species are awaiting you. The coastal lagoons, the dense forests, and the mangroves will delight your eyes. Are you fascinated by marine turtles? The leatherback, loggerhead, and hawksbill turtles are just waiting for you in Saona. You may even come face to face with some endangered animals such as the rhinoceros iguana.

Things to do on Saona Island

Don’t leave Saona without doing your share of activities. Treat yourself to a little sunbathing on the island’s beautiful beaches. The rocky terrain that is your relaxation spot has caves and grottos in its northwestern part that are there for you to explore. Various types of birds populate the island, you can’t miss them, including seagulls, yaguazas, and crows. The richness of Saona’s fish life allows you to find large mollusks and lobsters. Diving enthusiasts will be well served, Saona has the best spots adapted to all levels. Want to discover a small fishing village? Mano Juan is one of them, it shelters a turtle protection center. Also, the surroundings of the island are suitable for hiking.

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