How to organize your wedding in Punta Cana?

A wedding should be exciting, memorable, and unique. A magical moment marking the beginning of a new story, it does not happen every day. Forget the simple ceremony and the too classic meal, every detail must be taken into account….

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How to equip yourself for zip-lining in the canopy?

The zip line was a means of locomotion used for a long time to make journeys at the height of obstacles, such as a precipice, a moat, or a ravine. But it has evolved into a leisure activity and a…

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What are the mandatory vaccinations to go to Punta Cana?

Punta Cana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. If you have decided to spend the summer on its beautiful coast and to stay there as a tourist, or for a business trip, you should…

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When should I go scuba diving?

The best time of the year to dive depends on the weather conditions of the destination. In fact, the weather is an important factor to consider when evaluating diving conditions. It affects both underwater and overwater conditions. It is, therefore,…

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Savor a Mangu: a typical dish of Dominican Republic

Thanks to its cultural mix, the Dominican cuisine offers a variety of dishes with a mixture of Taino, Creole, European and African influences, and with a taste explosion full of colors, spices, and aromas. Dominicans have a multitude of local…

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