Hoyo Azul: an amazing lagoon located at the foot of a cliff

Hoyo Azul is a natural lagoon at the foot of a cliff. Also distinguished under the name of "Blue Hole", its crystalline waters are particularly impressive. This cenote "blue hole" is located in Scape Park, in the province of Cap Cana and it offers a dive in the natural spring waters.

The visit to Hoyo Azul, an unmissable experience

Surrounded by lush rainforest, Hoyo Azul is about 14 meters deep and lies below a vast 75-meter limestone cliff covered with floral ornaments. Hoyo Azul is a wealth of nature. It shelters a natural hole of 15 meters deep under the earth, formed in a majestic pool filled with blue water. Swimming in the turquoise lagoon of Scape Park, where attention fade and time stops, is surely a unique experience. The rocky floor of the cenote is completely visible thanks to slight refraction through the crystal clear water. These conditions require a low-lying site near the coast and are rarely seen in inland lakes and other basins.

Things to do to explore the lagoon

A tropical jungle specific to the Dominican Republic region is offered by the vegetation of Hoyo Azul. If you want to visit this lagoon, it is imperative to book a place with one of the guided tours. These tours pick up tourists from all the hotels in Punta Cana, so it is easy to reach one of them. It is possible to explore the lagoon through its caves or to enjoy it from a Tyrolean traverse. To visit Hoyo Azul, you need to buy a ticket for the Landscape Park, the price of which varies depending on the activities you want to do there. Nevertheless, some of the fantastic experiences that the park has to offer are worth it.

Hoyo Azul: a paradise for visitors

Tourists can choose to take a guided tour of the caves or book a Tyrolean traverse along the cliffs. To do so, they will have to cross a suspension bridge and wander among the many fauna and flora, including an orchid garden, to reach this hidden oasis. Afterward, it is advisable to succumb to the temptation of jumping into the turquoise waters or to take the steps to enter this natural paradise pool. Hoyo Azul is not only suitable for swimming, but also for scuba diving. Admittedly, it is an island that is a major tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic.

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